Orchard Park is a town in Erie County and contains a village with the same name. It is part of the Southtowns of Buffalo, which most years means it's a mecca for snow storms, but this year.....

The town was separated from the Town of Hamburg in 1850 and renamed to the town of Ellicott after Joseph Ellicott; however, within months the town's name was changed to the town of East Hamburgh. It wasn't until 1934, the town was named Orchard Park.

Orchard Park houses two sites on the National Register of Historic Places  – the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad Station and Johnson-Jolls Complex. The home of Didymus C. Kinney and his wife, which was built in the early 1800s after Kinney purchased land in the southwest part of the town is now a museum.

The Eternal Flame is also in Orchard Park. Eternal Flame Falls is in Chestnut Ridge Park.