Sometimes you need a vacation but aren't able to get out of town. For some cities, it's not a problem and for others it leaves residents bumming hard with nothing to do or see. What about Buffalo, NY?

Is the Western New York city above or below average when it comes to hosting a good staycation?, considered 17 factories while ranking the 100 most populated cities.

Let's start with the 'best'....Orlando, Florida! The city ranks 13th in recreation activities, 7th in food and entertainment and 4th in rest and relaxation. On the other end, Chula Vista, CA, ranks 95th in recreation, 97th in food and entertainment and 100th in rest and relaxation, according to

As for Buffalo, the city comes in at number 26, with a ranking of 18 in recreation activities, 12 in food and entertainment, and 78 in rest and relaxation. Las Vegas, NV, stole number one with food and entertainment and PITTSBURGH stole number two! What do you think of that?

Portland was number three, Scottsdale, AZ, number four and New Orleans number five.