If you're single and looking for Buffalo's best places to hook up then you need to check out this list.  We've compiled the top five places to find singles in our area. Bars are great for a one nighter but for a more lasting relationship go to where people  are being themselves.

5) The Bank: High rate of return

The pros to meeting a single at a Bank is always knowing that they at least bring something $$ to the relationship (lol). (Unless they are sitting in the little waiting area of the Bank, Then chances are there accounts are overdrawn and You being that "Lucky Single" might not turn out so good----my advice look closer to the ATM's and Tellers first lol).

Banks around WNY

4) The Casino: Jackpot!

 Most people are more relaxed when at a casino so you will be able to see more of that persons personality while there and also you will be more comfortable talking there.

Seneca Niagara Casino

Fallsview Casino

Seneca Allegany Casino

3) Weddings: Jealous singles looking to hook up

the obvious pro to searching here is that it's very easy to point out who is single. (Any one sitting by themself or looking extra jealous is a good sign lol)

2) The Gym:

Besides knowing the person is fit or at least making an attempt on a healthy life, you also get to SEE FOR YOUR SELF just what type of "SHAPE" they are in.

Buffalo Athletic Club

1) Grocery Store:

 (Preferably one of the discount stores like Save A Lot or Price Rite) Now before you laugh just hear me out. In today's economy with Gas prices sky rocketing and other bills. 2 things that will benefit you looking here is, first at least you know that Single can cook or you can at least see they are attempting too which is a plus. And second by them shopping at a Discount Grocery store chances are you hard earn cash won't be spent on pointless luxuries (lol) if they are saving by shopping there just think that's more savings for the both of you if things do work out.


Price Right

Tops Market