Let's be honest. The renowned bachelor party could and should be the most fun, crazy night of his life. If you were so-lucky-enough to get best man duties then this is on your list of to-do for the groom. It's not hard (mainly because we're just telling you where the best spots are), you just need to do it.

With wedding season around the corner, lets go over some ideas of where to throw a bachelor party in Western New York and some ideas (besides getting top-notch drunk) on what to do.

Ideas can range from camping, casinos, strip clubs and bars. Choose your poison.

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    Don't count on your strippers coming here (because they're not allowed), but this is the perfect day-time stag spot. It's a big bar where you can play games, go outside and have a chipping contest, horseshoes or whatever. Plus, there is an outside bar and inside bar.

    Juice it up with a limo afterwards and hit up Aero Drive and keep the party rolling.

    1130 Orchard Park Road

    West Seneca, NY

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    Fallsview Casino

    Grab the passports and get in your cars. Hit up The Falls, Clifton Hill, Sundowner's and do some bar hopping. Not to mention you can always do any of the weird, fun things on Clifton Hill throughout the night.

    Juice it up and stay at the casino and gamble the night away afterwards.

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    Cabin Party / Camping

    It's classic and simple. Especially, because you can drag this one out. Hit up Letchworth and grab a cabin and tent it. Bring all the guys and enough beer to last you the weekend. Not much planning and by the time it's all done it'll be a great weekend.

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    Grab a cabin in E-ville and bar hop. Day drink the entire weekend away and then at night you can hit up all the breweries in town. Again, this is one you can drag out for an entire weekend.

    Juice it up by having a party at the cabin one night and bringing the strippers in.

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    The Golf Stag

    Late round of golf and then rent out a room at the country club or clubhouse and get the party started there.

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