It’s that time of year again, where the serial shoppers and coupon enthusiasts emerge in search of that all mighty wonder deal- its Black Friday. It time to put on your winter coat and assemble a team of high endurance, competitive shoppers who are ready for war!

Black Friday is pure madness. Prices are sliced in half, and flat screen televisions are at an all-time low. Shoppers are excited to get their money’s worth and get an early handle on their Christmas shopping. After all, many of these deals won’t return until this time next year. Do you think you are up for it?

I will surely tell you I’m not! I have heard and seen the graphics of stories of Black Friday’s past. I have heard the cries of victims who have been trampled trying to enter an otherwise peaceful Wal-Mart. It can get really ugly.

So, if you have a friend, significant other, parent or Black Friday enthusiast begging for your company or help in bagging this year’s Black Friday’s deal, tell them to think again. Of course you can simply say you don’t want to go, but then you face being a scrooge and an awful friend. Instead you can tell them this:

  • You’re too full from thanksgiving dinner, and you read that it’s best to let your food fully digest before engaging in high stress activities.
  • You are claustrophobic, and your health condition won’t allow for Black Friday crowds.
  • You have a temper, and would rather not put yourself in a situation where things can escalate.
  • Your dog has to be walked in the morning, and you need to be home to do so.
  • If all else fails, the line to easily get you off the hook is you have NO Money.

Shopping with people who have no money, is like taking a kid to Dairy Queen and not purchasing them a Sundae- its bad business.

Avoid crowds and shop online

An alternative to waking up at midnight and braving the cold to stand in long lines, is shopping online. If you actually want those Black Friday deals with out the Black Friday commotion, many companies are offering the same promotion on their website. Whatever you decide to do make sure you RESEARCH all the deals out there, because there could be an even better deal just around the corner!