Are Sexy Cheerleaders a boost for Major League Baseball or a big distraction?  The New Miami Marlins definitely have some balls!!!  They have "The Marlins Mermaids" they drown the game of baseball?!  Many are thrilled, some upset. What do you think?



The All American Game - Baseball, has always been a pretty conservative sports platform to the extent that, in my opinion, it's the most boring sport on earth...I'm not sure Sexy Cheerleaders are the answer however ...the presence of Sexy Cheerleaders may entice more men to physically come to more games, but I think the Cheerleaders may become more popular than the players themselves... baseball players seldom move...outside of someone FINALLY hitting the ball...and while the Pitcher and Catcher are always moving, they never do anything different from play to play, pitch to pitch.  Why watch Robots when you can watch RoBUTTS?

But I'm thinking and wondering when it's appropriate for Cheerleaders, in general, to cheer?  Having Cheerleaders at a Baseball Game is like having Cheerleaders at a Golf Match!  Baseball's a pretty quiet game 90% of the's not like fans are on the edge of their seats like they are at a football or basketball game...and where wil they front of the players dugouts!!!?  Man!  I don't know!  Is this a Baseball Game or a Skin flick?

I must say that the Miami Marlins new Black & Red uniforms caught my eye and are very slick looking... but no match for some scantily clad Sexy Cheerleaders.