This has got to be one of the most innovative movements that I have seen in quit sometime. A former school teacher turned barber in NYC has decided to start an initiative to get young black boys to read while waiting and getting a haircut.

When I stumbled into this story, I was pleasantly surprised because I had mentioned to my own barber a couple of times that he should think about hanging photos of men like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and others, so that our young boys and young men would see them and ask questions to spark a conversation of their accomplishments and efforts to uplift our community.

The Barber Shop is one of the few places that we as black men congregate from a variety of backgrounds to get that cut every other week or so. It is also a place where we feel comfortable to talk about everything from family, sports, politics and more!

Most of our boys read below grade level and if we can find ways like this to get them interested in reading; then why not?

We should start this movement here in Buffalo!

What do you think?