In a world where we are taught that to be beautiful you have to be 5'1 and 40 pounds (lol), Barbie Thick Em's proves that lie to be false. Working very hard with her modeling career Barbie has caught the attention of the masses with everything from her flawless photo shoots to the Hot new Calender she recently released. She is on the right path doing everything needed to reach that next level that she deserves and will soon get. I have to be honest and admit that Barbie is my Favorite model hands down overall (Sorry Lola Monroe lol). I recently had the pleasure a while back to host the release of her Calender which was a huge success people were buying the Calenders like crazy. I wish Barbie the best in her career and I know she will go on to accomplish great things. In closing make sure you go out and Support her and pick up her new calender & poster.


For more on Barbie you can reach her on facebook: