We found a thing.

Digging around on the internet, we recently came across the Wayback Machine. It's essentially a time machine for websites that allows you to go back to all of your design mistakes and regrets. Fun, right?

WBLK adopted the slogan "The People's Station" in late 2009 and has had the same layout since late last year, but the site has gone through a few facelifts over the years to get it where it is now.

December 1996

Going back this far, not many things even load, though it could just be because we're not using Netscape 2.0.

December 1998

A graphic! It's hard to get more 1990s than this, though it did carry all the way to early 2001.

February 2001

January 2003

November 2003

Recognize the logo?

December 2005

October 2007

July 2012

At last!