Is it not enough that your whole life is on T.V. for the world to see? Apparently not for Royce Reed of Basketball Wives! For her, the drama not only unfolds on television but in the court room as well as she is in a very nasty custody battle with her baby daddy Dwight Howard.

Many men are all too familiar with the slanderous names and accusations of a baby momma scorned but after agreeing to a gag order in 2009, which forces her to keep hush hush on her true feeling about Howard, she is requesting the judge lift the order so she can go to town on him!

Ladies, why do you always feel the need to say such horrible things about the man that YOU decided to have a child with? Wasn't the “strange substances” lying around his house when you were lying up with him? Did he all of a sudden have on onset of metal instability (By the way these are some of the allegations that Royce is making even with the gag order in place)? Fellas do you think this is taking baby momma drama too far? Let me know what you think!