The perils of being a modern day rap star are varied and vast. Just ask A$AP Rocky, who was jumped in a New Zealand hotel elevator Wednesday night (Feb. 24).

According to TMZ reports, Rocky was staying at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland. He returned to the hotel at about 3 a.m. local time and stepped onto an elevator with a few girls in tow. When three men then attempted to enter the elevator with him, Rocky mentioned that there was no room left for them.

Obviously not ones deterred by the prospect of claustrophobia, the men entered the elevator anyway, punching Rocky in the head and face as he shielded his female companions from harm. It would appear that the assault was premeditated and not a result of poor elevator etiquette, as witnesses say the assailants were yelling "Fuck A$AP" during the scuffle. Hotel security broke the scrum up, with cops catching one of the perps later, a 35-year old local.

It doesn't look like serious harm was done or that any of Rocky's valuable were stolen. The rapper is scheduled to perform in Auckland today, and posted a photo to Twitter showing that he is well. "LIL SCUFFLE , STILL PRETTY, STILL HANDSOME , STILL FUCCKIN YO BITCH TOO. DEFENSE SQUD DONT TRIP... LOVE 2 AUCKLAND !" he wrote.

Check out Rocky's selfie below and a few comments retweeted by the rapper showing that he was more or less unfazed by the whole incident.

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