Are you aware that Buffalo, NY is home to some of the most amazing food in the world? I definitely consider myself a "foodie", and that's how we'll start my latest series of blog posts here on As Buffalonians we have a tendency to reminisce about the good old days quite a bit. I'll be highlighting some of the greatest things about Buffalo that i had the privilege of enjoying, watching or hearing about in my years here and I'll call it DJ Big Rob's #BiggestBuffaloMemories (has a nice ring to it!).



Home to some of my favorite doughnuts of all time!

Credit: Fix Buffalo Today 's flickr photostream  courtesy of: Fix Buffalo Today


The first case of #BiggestBuffaloMemories goes to Freddies Doughnut's which used to be located in the heart of Buffalo on the corner of Main St and Michigan Avenue. In 1920s, entrepreneur Frederick Maier started what would be one of, if not the most successful doughnut shop in Buffalo, NY history, peaking at selling over 25 Million Doughnuts a year in the 1960's. Sadly Freddie's Doughnuts closed it's doors in February 1989, and sadly, the building was demolished in 2009. I can recall going around the corner to Freddie's with my father in the late 1980's and getting glazed doughnuts while he would also get "Peanut Sticks" another local favorite. I'm pretty sure if you're my age or younger you can ask your parents about Freddie's and their eyes would light up reminiscing about the best doughnut they've ever had. Although memories always fade,  if you were lucky enough to have a doughnut from there, just know you might've enjoyed one of the best pastries in the world.


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