Are we ready to reclaim our cultural heritage and humanity?


We received an email back in October of last year from Brother Akhu Ra for our Community Payroll contest when we were looking for solutions to the issues facing our community.

Brother Akhu Ra writes:

The issue which plagues our community is fundamentally an issue of humanity. The human rights of our community have been taken away by historical, political, as well as economic factors which have left us without our human heritage.

Humans are entitled to nationality, language, culture, and most importantly the right to self determination. By reclaiming our cultural heritage we reclaim our humanity and begin to cause our community to awaken from the death like state which grips it.

Only when we have the same rights to a culture, heritage and identity as other ethnicities will we be able to participate as contributing members of the human family.

The solution to our community’s problems is the adinkra of Sankofa, which means go back and fetch it. How do we fetch it? How do we return? By turning to our classical cultural heritage and using it as a model to build a functioning social and spiritual system in the modern age which is directly relevant to our issues and speaks to our nature.