Grammy nominated singer Angie Stone was arrested today for aggravated assault against her 30 year old daughter Diamond Stone in Dekalb County, Georgia.

Sources say the two got into an altercation after Angie 53, confronted her daughter because she wasn't tending to or cleaning up after her unclothed children. Angie wanted Diamond to leave her home, but she refused. An argument ensued and Diamond allegedly punched her mother first. That's when Angie grabbed a metal stand to defend herself and struck Diamond in the face with it. The two continued to scuffle until a family friend stepped in to and break it up.

Once Angie realized she had knocked out her daughter's front teeth she tried to flee the scene. But the cops were called and both women were taken into custody. Diamond was let go, however Angie was booked for aggravated assault. This isn't the first time Angie was arrested. In 2011, she was taken to jail for speeding and driving without a license on the way to church. Don't mess with mama!! Check out the pictures below.

The metal stand