The statistics are staggering; the myths are common but untrue! Prostate issues are inevitable for many men. As men get older there's a 100 percent guarantee they will experience at least some enlargement of the prostate.

An enlarged prostate is NOT prostate cancer; however, there's no way of knowing if you have cancer growing in your prostate or if it's an enlarged prostate. So what does that mean? It means go get your prostate checked -- it could save your life!

Roswell Park Cancer Institute will be offering Free Prostate Screenings on Saturday, September 26, during their Cruisin' for a Cure Event, which will also feature a classic car show! Edibles and refreshments will be available. For more information watch and listen to the video below!

Early detection is the key. Getting your prostate checked regularly will allow for early detection of prostate cancer and allow for treatment to avoid death!