So every monthly I will look to highlight my Top Five with the Help of other Go Gettas.  ADRI.V Top Five will consist of Top Five videos..Songs..Restaurants...Places to Shop...etc

For this weeks ADRI.V's Top Five I got help from Fashionnista Chellsy Glam from TrueGlam TV.  So here is your Top Five!

Top Five Fashion Trends

Pastels- soft pretty easter colors like soft pinks peaches and baby blues- these colors where made big by louis vuitton and phillip lim in spring fashion week of this year and are so pretty for the summer.

Colored denim-colored denim is an amazing fashion trend right now because it can really set the tone for a fabulous outfit. Its an amzing pop of color that looks great with everyday neutrals.

Neons- neon colors are booming this summer! How can you resist a highlighter pink and yellow. They are just super fun colors to set off any summer look!

Rompers- Rompers are little all in one top and short combo. They are an amazing canvas for glamourous fashion. You can wear them with blazers, belts scrves and so much more!

Color blocking!- color blocking is placing different colored solids together in one outfit. For example a purple top under a blue blazer with pink denim and fun yellow wedges! The trick with color blocking is to keep the colors in the same family. So pastel colors stay with pastels, neons with neons and so on

And those are the Top Five Trends for the Summer  for more Top Tips check out

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