So far, Action Bronson has been on a winning streak this year. On the verge of releasing his major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, the Queens, N.Y., native has been fanning the flames of anticipation with a number of releases over the last month.

Bronson has been leaving behind a trail of impressive verses and rap quotables on tracks like "Easy Rider" and the remix of Mark Ronson's smash hit, "Uptown Funk." Picking up where he left off with Big League Chew, Bronsolino returns with his latest song, "Terry."

Rhyming over a sublime production powered by a dusty sample, the rapper/chef/wrestling enthusiast subtly pays homage to Slick Rick's classic song, "Teenage Love."

Bronson opens up the track chanting, "Don't hurt me again" before opening his verse, spitting, "What up, luv, I need a hug cause drugs been taking over / Shorty couldn't take it no more, she went loca." He goes on to drop other zany lines, such as mentioning that he's a "virtuoso on the keyboard," his experience of masturbating in penthouses and his love of "spicy coconut curry from the Thai spot.

According to Bronson, there may be "no hit records on the demo," but you can be sure to expect some high quality rap music if nothing else.

Bronson's LP, Mr. Wonderful, drops in stores on March 24. We're also crossing our fingers for that Pitbull remix that he raps about as well.

Listen to Action Bronson's Song 'Terry'

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