Finally...a Television Show that I ... WILL WATCH...CAN WATCH...& ONE THAT MATTERS!!!!!  Reality TV is the worst thing that has happened to TV, to Reality, and to Our Society... in my opinion.  Reality TV currently has nothing positive, motivating, or even REAL to offer.  I watched some show about The AMISH the other day that was ABSOLUTELY THE MOST RIDICULOUS BUFFOONERY I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE... WHY EVEN BOTHER AIRING THAT WORTHLESS PROGRAM?????

A sigh of Relief was experienced today when a FB Friend of mine (Delbra Brown) sent me a link about a NEW REALITY TV SHOW Created by Ex-Con, John Boy Watts and Produced by none othr than Ice T.  Initially I was very reluctant thinking... "Here We Go Again"...Ice T!!!!???  Oh Boy!!!!  But as I watched the preview about the show, and saw its content, I was SO EXCITED, IMPRESSED, RELIEVED, & HOPEFUL FOR THE SHOWS PARTICIPANTS.... The show is called "LIFE AFTER PRISON" and it consists of a house occupied by "YOUNG" ex-cons who WANT TO change their lives... with the help of two Ex-Cons...Creator of the Show, John Boy Watts, and Producer...ICE-T!!!!!

This program educates the viewer regarding the challenges Convicted Felons have upon doing their "time", how the average person can get easily "caught up in a life of crime", and will show (and encourage other ex-cons...or even young people thinking about a life of crime) how ex-criminals got into a bad situation and how they will STRIVE to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE and PROSPER living a "LIFE AFTER PRISON"!!!  It's a Positive, Motivating Reality Show...FINALLY!!!!

Here's Sneak Preview of "LIFE AFTER PRISON"! (What do you think?)