What the hell is going on? A man was stabbed in downtown Buffalo in broad daylight!

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

You have to either be bold as hell or crazy as hell to stab someone in downtown Buffalo in broad daylight! The stabbing happened yesterday, Monday, right downtown near the radio station. The stabbing happened near Lafayette Square, according to WGRZ. Police think the incident happened on Pearl Street. The victim, who was found just before noon, must have walked to Main Street near Court Street. The victim was rushed to the hospital.

Incidents like this make me wonder if we are doing enough to stop the violence! There were shooting deaths over the weekend along with other violent incidence. It just seems to be getting worse, not better.  I don't know if more policing will help or how we can stop this non-sense from happening.  Buffalo isn't a big enough city for us to have all this violent crime going on!  We especially need to get it under control with all the kids back in school and some taking public transportation!  Who knows, they could end up being an innocent victim!

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