A high school student in California says her grade was lowered because she wouldn't participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Get the details and vote on whether you think students grades should be lowered if they don't Pledge Allegiance.

Credit: KCEN

The Native American student, Leilani Thomas, has not been participating in the Pledge of Allegiance way before Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the National Anthem. She has been protesting silently since she was in second grade.

But recently, a teacher at her high school, Lower Lake, decided to take it upon herself to lower Leilani's grade.

Leilani said, “She told me I was being disrespectful, and I was pretty mad. She was being disrespectful to me also, saying I was making bad choices, and I don’t have the choice to sit during the pledge,” according to KCEN.

Even though the teacher feels some type of way, the superintendent said Leilani has the right to not participate and switched her and a friend who was not participating to another class.

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