Man reading this is a little creepy but most of all sad. Ever wondered how many cold cases are currently active in your region? When I saw this, I was shocked at how far the dates went back. One case I saw went as far back as 1977, but I'm sure there's more cold cases that aren't listed though, in my opinion.

Date of Homicide: 9-16-96
white Male, age 32
Found shot to death near the railroad tracks off of Hertal Ave.

Hattie Mae Calhoun
Date of Homicide: 8-3-97
Black female, age 36
Murdered in her own home at 351 West Ave.

Victim: Willette Simmons
Age: 34
Black Female
Date of Homicide: 05-09-1981
Place of Occurrence: 934 Lafayette
Victim: Daniel Joseph Frank
Age: 19
White Male
Date of Homicide: 11-14-1977
Place of Occurrence: 692 Ba

Victim: Journey Cooper
Age: 17
Black Male
Date of Homicide: 06-02-2005
Place of Occurrence: 400 Grant St
Victim: Timothy Bryant
Black Male
Date of Homicide: 2-15-96
Place of Occurrence: Fillmore Avenue and
Woeppel St.

Victim: Hector Melendez
Hispanic Male
Date of Homicide: 8-12-98
Place of Occurrence: 354 Koons Avenue
Victim: Jeanene R. Bowman
Age: 17 (at time of her disappearance) Missing Person
Case Description: Missing since 2-10-1977.

Victim:  Jane "Gramma" Doe
Date of Discovery: 9-26-95