A senior citizen couple stopped by Milos in Williamsville for a bite to eat, but instead of waiting for a table on this busy Holiday weekend, the old lady decided to drive though the resturant and grab her dinner to go. This is exactly why I say if you're old enough for AARP, its time for another driving test!

 We all know that in certain areas in WNY a brother can get pulled over for simply Driving While Black (DWB) and once the cops finds the air freshener hanging from your mirror, you will promptly get fined.

But what happens to this couple who is guilty of DWO: Driving While Old

Despite the fact that this 80yr old lady ruined the Memorial Day Holiday for Milos Resturant owner, forcing him to close down his business and temporailry lay off his staff "no charges are being pressed"? WTF! I mean I know she's cute and old and everything, but she could have killed those people that were flown 10 feet into the air because of her preventable crash into the side of the building.

Not only should she have been ticketed, her license should be suspended until she completes and passes a new Driver's education course. Face it, the hand-eye cordination and quick response actions that she had at age 16 have clearly been depleted!