I’ve heard tons of theories as to what’s wrong with our government, and how it can be saved; however, as I listened to this man detail how we are moving towards a Marxist, Socialist, government; his theory, supported by facts of recent government actions, left me thinking “Hmmm, maybe he is right.”
During his training in Special Forces Lt. Gen. Boykin was exposed to Marxist Insurgency training, aka training that would prepare our military for an armed rebellion against the constitution. Armed with this knowledge and paired with extensive experience serving our government, he pinpoints the following 6 reasons he believes our nation is becoming more and more socialist.

1.)    Nationalization of Major Sectors of the Economy

In this case he’s talking the Bailouts. The government ‘saved’ banks and what not, in turn causing them to be indebted to the government; aka, basically owned by the government.

2.)    The Redistribution of Wealth

Here, the idea would be to begin putting everyone on the same level playing field. In Socialism the gap between the rich and the poor would be as small as the government could make it. Everyone works for the society as a whole, and those that are struggling would become the responsibility of those who were producing a surplus…

Sounds a lot like our welfare system doesn’t it?

With programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps etc. taxpayers have become burdened with providing for those who cannot provide for themselves, working together as one whole unit.  I know that to a lot of Democrats this may seem…’fair’ however, in the same sense I for one am strongly opposed to giving up more of my hard earned money to people who are too lazy to go earn their own.

3.)    Discrediting Opposition

Here he is not referring to terrorist groups or people outside of America that oppose our country; instead he is referring to the groups made up of our fellow Americans who oppose certain government actions and are willing to speak out against them. In the video he pinpoints a few of these groups such as returning veterans, right wing Christians, pro-life groups, and second amendment advocates. In socialism, it is believed to be counter-productive to have citizens who have different ideals than the government and therefore the government will work to discredit them. Instead of welcoming these opinions, a core principle of a democracy, the government shuns them and attempts to de-value their ideals simply because they have become vocal about their beliefs and attempt to gain other followers that oppose the same government actions.

Don’t you believe it would be far more productive to focus on things like terrorist groups as opposition, instead of people with strong opinions? Last time I checked the first amendment is the right to free speech, so wouldn’t discrediting these ideas be censorship?...

4.)    Censorship

This idea goes hand in hand with discrediting opposition. The first step would be to discredit them, followed by censoring them all together. The first thing that Boykin points out here is that our media is already regulated and censored by government for the most part. It is mostly on the left, and in favor of what our government decides. If the government feels threatened by someone’s ideas, I think we all know that their words would be taken from public view, whether its constitutional or not. In specific Boykin talks about censoring of Pastors; it’s not that I necessarily agree with this idea, but it’s a good example. With the recent Hate Crime Legislation that was passed it eliminates the possibility of pastors getting up and talking about things like homosexuals, and same sex marriage, or the real threats that Islam poses to America…they are censoring them, and with religion being an extremely motivating ideal, limiting what they can preach is an extreme measure of censorship. With moves like this in progress, how long do you think it will be before people like musicians are censored, seeing as music can be an extremely powerful form of communication as well?

5.)    Control of Gun Ownership

It is a fact that one has a constitutional right to bear arms however; the government never specified that they cannot fully control it.  There has been a decree that the President will sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which explains how our country will buy, sell, and control personal weapons. That means, yeah you can have a gun, as long as the government says so…if they say no, you get no gun…So how long do you think it will take till the government can eliminate any one having a gun, that way government officials will be the sole bearer of weapons, an extreme socialist movement.

6.)    National Civilian Security Force

This is the idea of having a militia, as large and well equipped as the US Military that would control the population much like Cuba or Russia when ruled under Stalin. These soldiers would be everywhere, controlling everyday life.  While you may be thinking that would never happen, the makings are actually already written in the Health Care Legislation that talks about the commissioning of officers in time of national crisis to work directly for the President….the ground work for establishing such a force.

While many people believe these ideas are just common happenings and NOT threats to our democracies existence it is important to stay up to date on what’s going on in this country. In the time of recession and government looking to make changes for a quick fix, our nation is headed for some major changes and as citizens we need to be prepared and informed otherwise we may be living quite the socialist-esque lifestyle.

What do you think? Where do you see examples of these things in our society, and what effects do you believe they will have long term?