There are some things that will always take you back to a simpler time and make you feel like a kid again! Check out these Buffalo and Western New York attractions that are perfect to make you feel like a kid again OR to bring the kids -- you know you'll have fun doing them too, just admit it!


Weather you are a kid or a kid at heart you probably LOVE the zoo. From adult events to kid friendly activities to the daily excitement that resides in seeing animals you don't usually get to see -- the Buffalo Zoo is a place you likely want on your to-do list this summer.

The annual Wines in the Wild event (for ADULTS obviously) at the Buffalo Zoo on Wednesday, July 22nd, features food and dessert items, wines and beers, and a variety of specialty services vendors as well as live music and visits from some of your favorite animal ambassadors.

Seasonal shows including: keeper talks, animal contact and much more! For a hands-on animal experience, check out the Delta Sonic Heritage Farm.


The Buffalo Museum of Science is a great place to go whether you are looking for an educational experience or a fun day out. From dancing in the museum's grand Hamlin Hall, stargazing from the rooftop, the traveling exhibits that come through to the Tifft Nature Preserve's urban nature sanctuary, which offers 264 acres of wildlife, you are bound to feel like a kid again when you are exploring these exhibits.

Explorations is great for toddlers and preschool scientists and teaches a variety of science-based concepts for kids and their parents, including energy, space, weather, light and the environment. Meanwhile Explore You takes a closer look at anatomy, biology and genetics through hands-on exhibits.

Similarly the In Motion exhibit engages the entire family -- full disclosure my entire family went to the Buffalo Museum and the youngest is 24 and we spent over an hour interacting with the Gravity Wall Contraption, Crash Test Simulator, Car Race, Gears & Pulley setup, Air Table and other exhibits!


The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park is a timeless must see in Buffalo. Weather it's your first time on a boat, in particular a naval ship, or your 100th, you'll be transported back in time and swept up in the stories, history and adventure of exploring the park located on the waterfront in downtown Buffalo.

It is home to several decommissioned US Naval vessels, including the Cleveland-class cruiser USS Little Rock, the Fletcher-class destroyer USS The Sullivans and the submarine USS Croaker as well as a variety of smaller vehicles, vessels and aircraft.


Okay, so this one might not be fun without the kids but it is definitely a blast for kids AND parents!!! With hundreds of exhibits aimed at one through ten year olds, Explore & More won't leave you bored.

There is the Building Curiosity: Inside Architecture exhibit, which takes you to a Frank Lloyd Wright-style studio and gets you in a designing a house! Food for Thought gives kids the chance to learn a lot about food in hands on exhibits where as Make It Go! pulls together fun and education with balls, cars and more. And there's more! Check out the exhibits at


The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is housed in the National Register listed Allan Herschell Carrousel Factory building and features exhibits, demonstrations, two antique carousels, a children’s gallery and more! The outdoor Kiddieland Testing Park features four refurbished rides from the factory's postwar baby boom era! This is a really special exhibit for grandparents and grandchildren!


The Aquarium of Niagara entertains all ages with a look under the water. California sea lions on stage, Humboldt Penguins on exhibit, over 40 living exhibits that highlight local species, penguin and tidal pool or shark feedings, and more. Like the zoo the Aquarium is for all ages!