After months of hearing about the 'Fiscal Cliff' we finally understand what it means for us. The working class are feeling the bite of the unwanted payroll tax hike that kicked in this New Year. Missing some money from your 2013 pay check?

Find out where it went and how you can get it back! 

The average American family will see an extra $700 missing from their paycheck this year. And for many people who live check-to-check this means you'll have $15 less each week to budget with.

How/why did this happen to us??

Well as of Jan. 1, the payroll tax was raised to 6.2 percent. Back in 2010 this tax rate, that is used to fund social security was lowered 2 percentage points, but now the hike is back!

This is by far the biggest component in the $190 billion tax increases approved by Congress to fend off a bigger wave of tax hikes from the "fiscal cliff."

As savvy citizens, we have to get creative to find ways to offset this setback.

1. Adjust the withholding amount of your payroll tax. Get more money now, less at the end of the year.
2. Max out your 401K
3. Compare & save on your life, property & casualty insurance. Ask for discounts you may be eligible for.
4. Refinance Your Mortgage: Take advantage of low rates now!
5. Reduce your fees: Get rid of Automatic payments that may cause overdraft banking fees