I recently met America's #1 Crisis manager Judy Smith, the inspiration for the character Olivia Pope in ABC's Scandal. She revealed 5 useful tips on managing your image and dealing with a public crisis. She also answered juicy questions like "Did YOU sleep with the President?"


Judy Smith is the co-executive producer and inspiration for the ABC television drama Scandal starring Kerry Washington. As a former White House Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to George H.W. Bush and consultant for many high-profile celebrity clients, including Monica Lewinsky and Paula Deen!

Judy Smith was the WNY Girl Scout's featured speaker at the "Leadership Speaker Series" Sept 26th at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. She gave the audience of Gladiators and Girl Scouts insights and tips on protecting personal and corporate brands from crises.

Here are 5 Tips from Judy Smith:

1. "Be prepared. Have a good brand and let the work speak for itself." Judy reveals that she was got the most of her work as a White House fixer by referrals.

2. "Don't lead with looks, lead with what's inside". Judy reminds us of a scene in the first episode of Scandal where Olivia Pope tells Gwen "Too much Cleavage". The rookie Pope law firm associate made the mistake of leading with her looks.

3. When you make a mistake that affects your image and business, "Say sorry & mean it!" This was her advice to Paula Deen. She also advised the Food Network star to stop crying!

4. "There's always crisis in opportunity and opportunity in crisis"! Watch Scandal and see how Olivia Pope handles this.

5. This last tip is for leaders and managers. "Don't be bossy. When you need someone to do something right away, Say it in a way that INSPIRES & Motivates"!


After her talk, Judy talked specifically about the show we are all obsessed with "Scandal"!

1. What's True About her life and the show?
A. Judy's team of fixer's really do talk as fast as the Gladiators in Scandal
B. The White board with the client's photos are a real part of her process.
C. White is Judy Smith's favorite color, that's why Olivia wears it often.
D. Her firm is small as Olivia's, and that's by design.

2. What's made for TV Drama?
A. Although the show is based off her life, Judy has never had an affair with any President!
B. We all love "Huck", but unlike Olivia Pope, Judy never uses torture tactics to get information.

Scandal Season 3 is in full swing and episode 2 airs tomorrow 10/10 at 10pm on ABC