These dogs don’t let their disabilities or conditions stop them from loving their humans, but it is often because of what some few as defects that these cats are overlooked at shelters.

Special needs pets present a special challenge for shelters and rescue organizations, sometimes requiring extra attention, medications or a little extra help with basic needs such as potty time and eating. But for the right individual or family with love and patience, these dogs could make a beautiful companion.

Check out these five dogs looking for their forever homes in Buffalo, NY, via

Carolina Canine Rescue

He's 16 weeks and approx. 25-30 pounds(11/13), well socialized, great with kids, cats and other dogs.

SNORT (Short Noses Only Rescue Team)

"This French bulldog is a petite 18 pounds of calorie-free comfort. Biscuit enjoys the company of submissive dogs. Biscuit is seven years. She arrived in SNORT’s care after being surrendered by her owner. She immediately required surgery for an intestinal blockage, from which she is fully recovered. As a result of the surgery, it was discovered that she has spondylosis, or a fused spine. This is a painful condition that is managed with medication—twice a day. Biscuit receives Tramadol for pain and prednisone to reduce swelling that can cause incontinence.

Because of her spine, Biscuit can’t walk up and down steps; if you have stairs she’ll need to be carried.

Biscuit also has IBD, but after much experimentation her foster home found a combination of food and supplements that manage her symptoms," via Petfinder.

Educate A Bull

"Blanche is a lovable playful 6mth old puppy. What makes her soooo special is that she's Deaf. But that's not stopping her from being absolutely amazing! She has picked up on her sign language commands very quickly and knows sit, give paw, down and no. She is doing very good at having minimal to no accidents in the house," via Petfinder.

HEART Animal Rescue & Adoption Team Inc.

"Fiona is a 9 year old Maltese mix. She is good with other dogs but would also be ok living in a home without other dogs. She does have a heart murmur that she is on a lifelong medication for but she doesn't know there is anything wrong with her heart. Fiona is also house broken. She likes to snuggle & be around people," via Petfinder.

Pets Alive WNY

"Quincy is deaf and mostly blind but it does not stop her from getting around. She loves blankets, beds, and pillows and is enjoying senior life being pampered. Quincy has had to undergo several surgeries, cherry eye repair, hernia repair, and a cystotomy tp remove bladder stones. She is now on a special diet and is doing well," via Petfinder.