Let's face it--we don't have long.

A year ago this week we were buried in 6 feet of snow in record snowfall in Western New York where basically all of Buffalo was shut down. This year we've had a little more luck with it being sunny and beautiful out with nearly 60 degree weather. If you have a few days off before Thanksgiving, here are a few things you may want to sneak in this week or this weekend before the white stuff starts flying around and the temperatures drop.

On another note, if you hate the Winter, there are only 28 weeks until Summer comes back, officially.

  • 1

    Drive In

    Head to the drive in on Transit Road in Lockport while we still have some clear nights. It may be a bit cooler than usual, but a hoodie and some movies in the back of your car in late November isn't the worst thing going on right now.

  • 2


    You can almost say you're going to whack a round in December soon. Think too-most places are cheap as it gets for Fall rates. One last round will satisfy you before you have to pack the clubs up for the year.

  • 3

    Eternal Flame

    Have you gotten here yet this year?

    Go on a hike and enjoy all of the New York State trails and parks. One trip to the eternal flame before the snow falls wouldn't be a bad activity during the day.

  • 4


    While there are still SOME beautiful trees on the leaves, a trip down to drop your canoe into Zoar Valley this late in November would be a relaxing (as long as you're in the right spot) Fall day.

  • 5


    Get your best bottle of wine, Fall craft beers and hoodie and call your friends. You won't be able to do this soon and with the days getting shorter, you can start your fires nice and early.

  • 6

    Becker Famrs

    Just because October is over don't assume that Becker Farms is done with for the season, especially if you're from the southtowns. IIf at any point you're looking for something to do on the weekends, Becker Farms has it all. Paint Nights, Wine Nights, Sunday Brunches + Psychic Nights.

  • 7

    Wine Tours

    Now, of course you CAN really go in the Winter if you really wanted to, but right now every wine trail is still open, so take advantage of them before they become limited. Besides, they're always more fun when there's not 2 feet of snow.