A frequent party spot, 4Play, has been shut down by the city after incidents this weekend!

Credit: WIVB

The lights are off at 4Play Nightclub, located at 45 W Chippewa St. in downtown Buffalo, according to WIVB. City officials say that there have been numerous calls made to police about alleged fights and assaults happening at the club over the past 5 months. This weekend in particular, on Saturday, someone was stabbed in the bar during a fight around 2:30 am. Security had to use pepper spray to clear out the club, which continued down the street, causing police to close it to traffic. The next night there were more fights and shots fired in a parking lot, according to police. Mayor Byron Brown said, “The operators of this business knew that they needed to take precautions to make sure there weren’t incidents and this was the final straw,” according to WIVB. A city spokesperson told WIVB that 4Play and the city will try to reach an agreement for them to re-open.

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