We live in a society where people want the most attention possible. Here is another example of the need for attention making law enforcement easier than ever. There is no need to really go out in the streets to catch STUPID CRIMINALS, just look on your timeline. This is what happened yesterday dozens of reputed gang members have been arrested in relation to a string of shootings in Brooklyn. Police say 43 members of two Brownsville gangs were indicted in the shootings, which terrorized several apartment complexes and left at least two dead. They would brag about the criminal activities on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. How stupid can you be ? It seems like there is an online popularity contest going on who can make the most extreme comments or commit the most extreme activity and report it on social networks. Who in there right mind would admit to a CRIME on a documented website like FACEBOOK ? One of the killings, police say an innocent bystander was killed and several other innocent victims were injured when a gang member fired a hail of bullets into a courtyard while seeking out rival gang members. Welcome all 43 of them to the BIG DUMMY FILES.