Craigslist has no shortage or the weird and random. You never quite know what you will find when you visit the site, and the things listed in the Wanted section are no exception to this.

Check out these random things people around Western New York are on the hunt for on Craigslist.

  • Guinea Hen

    "I am looking for a hen to be a mate, for the male that I recently rescued," the craigslist ad reads.

  • Less Than Perfect Produce

    If you're like me when you read the wanted ad you scratch your head for a moment, but if you continue, it starts to make sense.

    "I have chickens I'm trying to feed as naturally as possible. So if you have not perfect produce leftover from your garden you want to give purpose to, let me know. They eat pretty much anything...Slightly bruised is ok as long as it's not moldy," the ad reads.

  • Venison, Beef, Chicken, Pork

    People do this? Maybe it's commonplace, we don't know, but this was news to us.

    "Do you have meat you're looking to get rid of? Venison, beef, chicken, pork, other?

    "We're making dog food....They don't mind a little freezer burn," the ad reads.