If you missed T-Pain at Canalside in Downtown Buffalo for the free Thursday series concert, you missed a great show! Check out some of the pictures!

Some of the pics aren't as clear as I hoped because the stage lighting was interfering, but they will still give you an idea of how great the show was! I had a great time hosting the show!! By 8:30, Canalside had reached it's capacity of 25,000 people! I asked the management if any other show had reached capacity and they said "no!" T-Pain literally came through and smashed the city! I knew T-Pain back in the day when I lived in Tallahasse, FLorida, attending FAMU and then doing radio there, but I forgot how goofy and funny he is! His show was great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were some folks who were upset that they couldn't get in, but that's why you got to get their early! I think everyone behind the scenes was shocked that Pain brought that many people out! But it was a good look for our city and a good night!

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