Okay, we admit it -- it is still early...maybe...Buffalo will host the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Weeks 1 and 3 of the preseason toward the end of August. And we've got what you need for your tailgate parties!

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    This is perhaps the most important thing to bring tailgating, as long as you are 21...

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    As Much Bills Clothing as You Can Wear at Once

    There is NO such thing as too much Buffalo Bills gear! Have a t-shirt? Wear it! Have jogging pants? Wear them! A sweatshirt? You better have it with you. A hat? Well there's nothing else on your head is there? Scarf? Put that sucker on! Necklaces or beads, earrings, shoes (red or blue will do if you don't have Bills specific ones)...

    Are you getting this?

    Don't forget your Bills blanket either!

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    I think this was explained above....

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    Ice and Cooler

    Does anyone like warm beer?

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    A Table

    Trust us on this one! You are going to need this for a lot of reasons, just keep reading!

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    Bring a couple bags! You'll most likely need some type of Tostitos.

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    Something That Plays Music

    If you are using your car, DON'T KILL YOUR BATTERY!!!

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    Solo Cups

    Bring a lot, a lot -- they will blow away, they will get lost and plus you need plenty for beer pong and flip cup!

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    Jumper Cables

    You never know...

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    Whether you are skewering and marinating kebabs the night before, bringing some shaped and packed up burgers (don't forget the condiments and buns), or going the wings route -- you are going to want something to eat. Snacks are a separate story. What you bring obviously depends on whether or not you are bringing a grill and cooking or have to have everything already prepared.

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    More Snacks

    This is where the chicken wing dip, salsa, pizza rolls, nachos and other awesome snacks you love come in! Make them the day before and heat them up right before you leave the house -- just don't forget them!

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    Don't forget the cooking utensils and coals, lighter fluid, matches -- whatever you need for your grill.

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    Paper Towels

    This is important while you are still sober, later...not so much.

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    Paper Plates, Utensils, etc.

    What food are you bringing? What do you need to eat it? Use your judgement.

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    Jello Shots in Red and Blue

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    Red/Blue Cookies, Cupcakes, Chips -- Doesn't Matter What but a Bills-Themed Snack

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    Ping Pong Balls

    We mentioned beer pong already!

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    Extra Accessories

    You know there will be THAT PERSON with NO Bills gear (kick them out of your tailgate) or, if you must, hook them up with the extra Bills hat, red and blue beads, bandanna or temporary tattoo you just happen to have. (If they refuse it, kick them out of your tailgate.)

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    Bottle Opener

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