I thought the Title of this Blog might get your attention....the GOOD NEWS is that I called the Buffalo Police Department prior to writing this Blog to ask if there have been any homicides between yesterday and today....and the answer was NO...there have been ZERO HOMICIDES so far in 2013.  Coming off of a year where, according to the Buffalo News, we had 40% more homicides than the previous year in 2011, we are doing wonderfully!!!!  According to the Buffalo News there were 50 homicides in 2012.

I realized that when there's a homicide that takes place in our community, you and I may as well have done it!  What I mean is that when it comes right down to it, a homicide in Buffalo is not statistically attributed to the person who committed the murder, rather it's attributed to Buffalo, New York...such that "WE" all look like Criminals...similar to Football Fans looking at us as SORRY when it comes to Football...although "WE" have nothing whatsoever to do will The Bills failure to win..."WE" as Buffalonians are the LOSERS!

But I have a suggestion as to how "WE" can impact the City so as to PREVENT homicide... we need to become FANS of NO HOMICIDE!!!!  We need to be loud and vocal, some kind of way, just as if "WE" were at The Bills game cheering on the Bills.  Can we do this?  YES!!!!  But it has to be in our won little individual STADIUMS...each of our homes, streets, and communities with the larger Community.  Listen; Buffalo is NOT THAT BIG...at least within the African-American Community where alot of us know or have relatives who have the potential for violence and killing.  Right now our record is 2-0... WE ARE UNDEFEATED!!!!  "WE" really can network and keep things under control if we care enough and appeal to the "rest of the team" to be cool.  I TRULY think it will work.

The entire City Of Buffalo is not reading this Blog...but YOU have a Facebook account and YOU CAN copy this URL: //wblk.com/wp-admin/post-new.php    and post (paste) it on your page.  Facebook is powerful in that a message can be spread unbelievably fast.  Will you at least give it a TRY....it might just save people's lives!!!!

Happy "No Homicides In Buffalo" New Year!!!!