The Titanic took it's maiden and only voyage in April of 1912. 100 years later, here we are with the news that another tragedy took place in the deep waters of the world.

Global Grind reported that the Costa Concordia hit the small island of Giglio near Tuscany late last night. The cruise ship crashed into the island and created damage that stretched about 160ft. Out of the 4, 234 people that were planning to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is Italy, only 4,165 were accounted for.

The crazy coincidences are too much to ignore. Titanic: 1912 -- Concordia: 2012 ** Titanic: April 14-15th -- Concordia: January 13-14th ** People on the Concordia told press that their experience was much like that of the Titanic because the crew did not handle the emergency situation with the proper diligence and concern. **

My prayers go out to all the families and their loved ones. Hopefully search and rescue will recover more survivors than victims.

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