One of our listeners called in to express her disdain for driving in the city of Buffalo after there's been a snowfall, because she feels as if our streets are neglected and plows are taking way too long to get our streets cleared.

I am too a resident of Buffalo and I have experienced some frustration with driving through the snow covered streets as well, sometimes even days AFTER the snow has fallen. So I opened up the phone lines to see what others felt about this!

I received mixed feedback, some felt that our streets are being taken care of pretty well, while others felt they are in fact being neglected. One caller raised a viable point that unless we want to pay more in taxes to get more plows and man power on the streets, that we should just be patient. Also another point that came up time and time again was the fact that many drivers on the east side are not parking on the right side of the street to enable plows to do their jobs.

What do you think? Are plows doing a good enough job getting our streets cleared or could they do better? What solutions do you pose to this problem?

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