Cops nabbed suspect Corey Dunton, 16, after an hour-long standoff at his apartment building while the alleged gangbanger was posting to his Facebook page from a mobile device essentially admitting that he took a showdown over a pricey jacket way too far. He actually shot two people trying to rob one of them for their Marmoth Mammoth jacket


When police came to arrest here are his incriminating FB post

Feds trien [sic] kick down my door its over were do i go from hereeeee [I dont know] wat to do i f—-ed up

These n—-s gunna have to take me out take my life I aint goin to jail i reather take my life

A day before the shooting, the teen suspect had gone to social media to boast about his desire to stir up trouble at the Midtown tourist attraction.

Bryant Park looking to litt Saterday [sic] gotta bring da amp

what more can be said he is stupid he will probably spend the next 20 - 30 years in jail for something incredible dumb. Here is the video of them taking him to jail and he has the nerve to act like he is mad cause he got caught ...

Here is the 14 year old victim who had nothing to do with what was going on but he may never walk again.

Parents raise your children please.