I saw this story and while it is a tragedy everyone is always pointing the finger when something like this happens and it is happening way to often a 13 year old black boy was shot by his 75 year old white neighbor. The 75 year old man accused the boy of breaking in his home and stealing his guns. Here is a comment that I saw on the site.

Saying that hip hop culture is a representation of all African Americans is like saying Katy Perry is a representation of all white women. Hip Hop glorifies idiocy, violence and illegal activity. Just like The Hangover, Crank, or really any other form of entertainment that Americans enjoy. When other people do stupid stuff it's just entertainment when blacks do it, it's a lifestyle.

I think that people who say that black people should expect violent treatment because our culture is violent is ignorant and blind. Hip hop culture is just as violent and idiotic as many other cultures throughout our country. Heavy metal, and Country don't represent all white people just a fraction of what some people enjoy. The same can be said for Hip Hop, Jazz, and Gospel.

People enjoy these things and an enjoyment of entertainment regardless how violent and idiotic. This does not equal a damnation of people. A person can love Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, get tattoos, throw up gang signs, and still be upset if something tragic happens.

Hunters are allowed to cry at funerals, and so are gangsters. Violent entertainment, or a violent lifestyle doesn't make it so people have to expect or accept violence. We're all Americans and to think that because someone is different means that they deserve something like this to happen to them is stupid. That's just how I feel but what is really another issue is how the news couldn’t find any other picture to use except this young man holding up a CHICKEN BONE. Come you have got to do better. SMH