In anticipation of one of the most informative movies this year, “12 Years A Slave” is slowly making its rounds to theatres around the country and will be available for viewing here in the Buffalo area beginning the weekend of November 8th! “12 Years A Slave” is based on a true story of a ‘free’ black man who was kidnapped and force into slavery in the south for 12 years before he gained his freedom once again. Keep listening to WBLK to win free movie passes to this must see movie!

I discovered what I thought was some very enlightening information as it relates to slavery and African Americans today. Is it possible that our ancestors received such horrible treatment during this very cruel and dark time in American history that it has had a psychological affect on African Americans to this very day? Well according to this article in the Atlanta Blackstar, yes, it has! The article explores six areas of concern and they are:

  1. Names
  2. Food
  3. Economics
  4. Language
  5. Self-Hate
  6. Family

If you get an opportunity, I urge you to go see “12 Years A Slave” with your family; Because “Right Knowledge Corrects Wrong Behavior” Know Thyself!